Thursday, October 27, 2016

Water Damaged Your Hard Drive? Reasons Why They Don’t Work & What You Can Do About It

Water is unsafe to numerous electrical devices like hard drive, laptop, desktop PC etc., and any damage can be very pricey to repair. It is true that water and electronics do go together, but spillage of water can damage most of the components of PC and laptop. Even, it can completely destroy your hard drive data. 

Are you facing such issue of water damage? Is your hard drive data lost? If yes, I am providing you here some tips regarding what to do when hard drive got damage due to water spillage. 

The first step you should do is to check how wet is your hard drive is. The more it is wet, the more probability that water could leak to different areas that were already dry. Firstly, power down the hard drive and let it dry for hours. Afterwards, check whether the moisture is still inside the hard drive or not. Again check if it still working or not.

Steps for drying water damaged hard drive :
  • Rinse the drive in fresh water. Rising water will wash away the dirt and impurities present which actually damaged the drive. These minor impurities can dry up and stay with the components in the drive, then it will be more hard to remove them once they are stuck to the drive and bring about additional harm.
  • Use paper towel for more dryness.
  • Put the drive in air tight plastic bag.
  • Tight packed the drive so that it won’t get any jostled around. Any further movements could  bring water to reach on those places which are not damaged.
  • Keep it on a safer place and let it dry for a day.

Say No to Hair dyer
We know it's enticing to dry out the drive as fast as possible. However, taking a hair dryer or other electric warmer to the drive can bring about significantly more harm than letting it dry of its own. Not just is the warmth from the blow dryer harming, but it can bring charge build-up in the drive itself. So kindly, help yourself out and avoid hair dryers.

When it is completely dried:
     Plug the drive again when it becomes completely dry. Is the drive recognized by PC? Check whether you can access all the documents, folders inside the drive. If the answer is yes, then you are extremely lucky. Try to take backup of all the data because it may fail within a week or later. Use the drive only for less important storage as this will make you stress free in case it fails later. Nothing is more terrible than having the drive work a good fit for a couple utilizes, then come up short again in a week. Also, a short in the drive can bring about harm to the drive itself, as well as to every single other gadget it is joined to.

 If your drive doesn’t get recognized by your PC, then check for other issues like:
  •    Clicking or loud noises—In this case there might be chances that head  got stuck and you immediately need recovery expert.
  •    Not spinning of drive- This could be a case of platter motor die or        circuitry fried.

Take the drive to a data recovery expert. It is best to let an expert handle your touchy hardware. If your data is extremely critical, we prescribe you never try to recover the data yourself but go for data recovery companies who can help you out on this.

Stellar Hard Drive Data Recovery Services provide you full security of your data. With fully equipped services they assure you complete recovery of your data. They work on No Recovery - No Charge policy!

 If the drive contains data that is not as critical or that is moved down on a second drive, it may be justified, despite all the trouble for you to spare some cash and repairing the drive yourself.

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